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Industry Topicals delves into deep discussions revolving around captivating and infamous stories across the stretch of the music industry. From current topical discussions delving in the future of the music industry to the power of music it has on us as consumers, listeners and avid fans.

The weird and wonderful? The controversial, the deep thought-provoking discussions?

You can be sure we’ve got it covered.

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Charts: Olivia Rodrigo goes HEAD-TO-HEAD with Easy Life

YES YES YES: Return of Download Pilot

Eurovision 2021: What Happened?

The Brit Awards 2021: What Happened?

The Home of Heavy Rock Lovers: Music Playlist of May 2021

APRIL 2021


UK Festivals issue “red alert”: insurance talks breakdown

If Red Hot Chilli Peppers …

Getting Back Together for Live Music

The Return of Live: Summer Confirmed

Rock List: April 2021

We’re invested in music. Are you?

One Big Year: The Snuts

MARCH 2021


What I’ve Been Listening to: MARCH 2021

Loud & Clear: How much does Spotify pay Artists?

Grammy’s Controversy: “work with us, not against us.”

Grammy’s 2021: Do the Grammys Matter?

Rise of BTS: Why is K-Pop so Popular?

Vinyl Domination in the Industry: Are CDs dying?

Most Recents: FEBRUARY 2021


Are We Planning for Music Festivals Too Soon?

Zimmer‘s Magic: The Power of Music in ‘The Dark Knight

Easy Listening: Why are Podcasts so Popular?

Passing the Torch: Should “Aged” Musicians Retire?

Love Story: Why Taylor Swift is a Genius

LOOK LOOK! How has our Attention Span Affected the Music Industry?

What’s Happening with Marilyn Manson?



The Rock List: What’s New in Rock Music (JAN)?

Does Music Popularity Show How “Good” Music is?

Why Does the World Love British Music?

The Dreaded Second Album: What Goes Wrong?

December / November 2020


Virtual World: The Future of Music?

Tidal and Warner: Biggest Streaming Partnership to date?

Is Spotify’s Way of Streaming Becoming Illegal?

September / October 2020


Record Store Day Lifts Independent Success

New York, New York: Music in the Big Apple

July / August 2020


Polydor’s Power

Industry Advice from the Pros 1

UK Indie Labels: The Transgressive Story

June 2020


The Rough Trade East Story

The Magical Story of Glastonbury

The Magic of Lewis Capaldi

Science of Music: Power of Rhythm

Science of Music: Repetition in Music

Stewart Copeland‘s Adventure in Music

Fashion in the Music Industry

Is Music a Drug?