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YES, YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT. With the Government seemingly withholding the results from the festival pilots, the Live Music industry has taken a great stride in representing all the creatives by actively suing the Government for its lack of transparency, and overall willingness to come forward, with what we need to view, test and learn from.

Download Pilot 2021 with 10,000 capacity occurred a couple of weeks ago, showing that it can be done.

What’s the point in festival pilots if the Government won’t release the data?

Legal action was launched today (June 24) to force the publication of a report from Phase 1 of the Government’s Events Research Programme (ERP).

The purpose of the ERP is to study “the risk of transmission of Covid-19” from attending sports and entertainment events, and business conferences. Despite the glowing reports of the research programme being a “glowing success”, still, many people ponder why restrictions are still being held in place with the arts and entertainment sector still held within lockdown until at least July, despite mass sporting events are occurring right in the city at Wembley and at Wimbledon. It also comes with another blow to the industry – not only are they refusing to release the research synopsis, but also no insurance scheme has seemingly been put in place – despite numerous calls for change when so many events had to cancel, with no insurance in place to ultimately cover the cancellation costs.

And now here we are, actively suing the Government. There seems to be some serious underappreciation or understanding from the Government, simply unaware how much the LIVE MUSIC INDUSTRY brings to society, culture and the overall economy year on year, without fail.

Time for change. Again. Is this the way forward? Will they FINALLY listen to us now? Only time will tell.


    • Thank you, my friend. Yeah, they’re either hiding the data because it tells everything we want to hear for the return of events, or they’re simply hiding it to fit their moral compass and story exactly when and where we can reopen again. Which, I think is completely and immorally wrong. The UK Government are a bunch of corrupt, slippery eels anyway. Wishing for a happier end for us all!

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      • Damn it’s not on really, is it? Quite shameful in my opinion. Still, at least your health secretary wasn’t found breaking his own lockdown rules 😂😂

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      • Well, the governor of California didn’t follow his own rules, nor did Dr. Fauci and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. And several more governors and mayors were exposed breaking the rules they placed on their people. It was barely mentioned by our media, though. The vast majority only report the news they want us to know, and everything they report, they tell us how we should feel about it.

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      • Oh wow, that’s disgraceful. It seems that politics is full of slippery eels, no matter where you’re based in the world. Hopefully, there is sunlight out of this deep, dark hole we’ve found ourselves in, and that it’ll be the vaccinations that will drag us out. As much as we’ve liked diving from the norm, it’s safe to say we’ve all missed what we used to do before all this started. I hope you, your friends and family are keeping safe over there in California. Soon, I’ll see myself there on holiday surfing the waves. Take care, my friend.

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      • I live in Arkansas, was just mentioning the governor of California as an example. lol
        The governor of my state, in my opinion, handled thigs well and practiced what he preached.
        California is a beautiful state, but has a big population of homeless people who are allowed to live in tents on the streets in major cities. and has many, many illegal aliens. if I were you, I would stick to the smaller towns. It is not the state it once was.
        Stay safe, and I hope you have a marvelous time on vacation.

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      • Thank you, my friend. Oh absolutely, New York and Chicago are on my list for BIG CITIES. I’ve also been avidly interested in the smaller towns, though. Away from the hustle and tourist traps, mingling with the locals – that’s always my favourite moments to do on holiday (avoid what everyone ELSE is doing!)

        Arkansas is also fantastic to visit- maybe a state road trip?

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      • That’s just gross ☹ I really hope the UK government gets their heads out of their asses and let’s people see live music…it’s so important to so many people and to the economy

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      • Yeah, absolutely. It’s a real shame that no live music can return or is either seriously struggling, when we have the likes of mass sport events like the Euro and Wimbledon on. It’s a bit backwards, when you realise how much live music brings to the economy, too. It seems the Government have forgot their place with it all! Hopefully, it will change for the greater good though nearing the middle of the summer, when restrictions ultimately lift further.


  1. That’s a bummer. Reading your blog has felt a bit like watching a countdown to when you can see live music again! I hope they release the data, especially if people are mostly vaccinated like (I assume) here in the U.S. and trying to be as responsible as possible.

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    • Haha it really has felt like we’re ticking down to the return of live gigs and shows again! What a marathon, eh? Thanks for sticking with it.

      Yeah, we have like 65% of our population fully vaccinated right now – it’s a big slog now to get all the 23 year olds or under vaccinated, aswell as some stragglers with their second dose! But it’s a race to get everyone vaccinated before cases rise again!

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    • Yeah, it certainly seems that they just bend the truth to fit their narrative, to essentially keep us line and happy. All data revolving around COVID should ultimately be published to the public – seeing as we’re all “in it together.”

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      • Yes, it should be, and the fact that it isn’t is suspicious in itself.
        Something I heard quite some time ago (I can’t remember verbatim) goes something like: Keep the masses fighting among themselves and they won’t notice what the ones in power are doing. I am of the belief that at least here in the USA, that has been going on for a while now.


      • Yeah absolutely, I think that speaks for the ones in power here in the UK, too. In fact, I’ll hedge my bets to think that that’s the mentality that stretches across the entirety of the world! It’s simply crazy that we outnumber them millions to one, and yet, we seem utterly powerless.

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