GRAMMYs 2021: Do the Grammys Matter?


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As they snub favourite artists such as The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar from their acclaimed prizes, sift through the mud of allegations from racism, sexism and a lack in diversity to artist picks – it shows just how unfit they are as judges to music.

With the Grammys receiving such a subjective onslaught each year and as interest rates fall on their overall importance as awards, do the Grammys even matter anymore?

Short answer simply is: no.

Unlike the Oscars, the prestigious academy award for music has seemingly lost its original tact, and is out of touch with the rest of the world. Unlike the Oscars that actually awards films based on glowing prospects, reputations and sheer camera-rolling etiquette, The Grammys is a congruent cess-pit of odd nominations, shameless bigotry and is showing a side to the music industry that is rather ugly.

With so many prestigious and culturally-defining artists in the industry that have been snubbed of such an award (Queen, Bjork, ABBA and Jimi Hendrix to name a few) it is easy to understand why The Grammys has been scrutinised for their lack of desire to produce a decent academy award show to celebrate the best of music – as they choose to instead award their “white friends and counterparts” in the industry – and receive backlash of racism and bigotry because of it – and not the distinctive artists that have made a impact against the status quo of the industry.

Because if they start awarding acts who go against the “system” of upending gender stereotypes (Queen) and make albums that go against their specified genre (The Weeknd) what does that say about the system of the industry itself? Something that cannot be controlled it seems …

But its important to note that something like the Grammys is not so definitely clean-cut like other competitions like the Olympics. When it comes to who sang the most impressive or made a defining moment to the world of music, well then, that becomes a bit more objective. With it, comes the usual backlash and sparks of fury as such an award because it is such an opinionated sport.

But to me, I think this is what makes Grammys not matter most, because at the end of it all, while it is fun to see who will win a Grammy, it ultimately doesn’t affect how we (me included) view an artists’ work. When we listen to a piece of work, do we define how “good” it is if it won a Grammy? No, we think it’s good because it’s simply good music. For me, they are not one and the same.

So with that being said, I think that the sheer novelty of awarding music based on something so objective certainly makes it an easier target than most other award shows. But, let’s be honest, they haven’t helped themselves in the past, have they?

Let me know what you think to this topic of conversation – and more importantly, will you be watching tonight?


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6 responses to “GRAMMYs 2021: Do the Grammys Matter?”

  1. manvmusic avatar

    Let’s Talk: Do the Grammys Matter? More importantly, will you be watching it tonight after this?


  2. ΠιCΘLΣ avatar

    Well if you had the money, you could get a Grammy for coughing into your mask and recording it. I wish the awards were fair because they had such prestige. But when Kanye dumped his trophy in the toilet I realised that people’s idea of its prestige is much estranged from reality.


  3. anoceanroars avatar

    I have not watched the Grammys or the Oscars in a few years now. I decided that they are both crap award shows for overprivileged artists. I go to work, do my job, and get paid once a month, but I do not receive an award for doing it. I am sick of their complaining, politics, and them telling me what to think. Most of them are high school dropouts. I used to love watching award programmes, but I am over it.

    I think art can be objective and subjective too, but when it comes down to it, it is really about the consumer buying it.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Agreed. I wish they stood for more – maybe they did one time, who knows – but it certainly seems that way, doesn’t it?

      Consumer popularity trumps all would you say? Certainly shows that in award shows, that’s for sure.

      Appreciate your thoughts on the subject!


      1. anoceanroars avatar

        Maybe I misspoke. I meant to say that consumer popularity should be more important than the awards for the artists. The consumers or fans are the ones who support them to do their work. Without the fans, their work will be “Thank you for shopping at Tesco.”

        Award shows should be obsolete now. The best album or film is purely subjective.

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      2. manvmusic avatar

        Yeah absolutely, they’d be nothing without the fans. Award shows are a popularity contest amongst the biggest number of fans.

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