1: Why Does the World love British Music?


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One in every 10 songs streamed around the world is by a UK Artist.

Whether it’s our avid peacock displays from the likes of Britpop with Oasis, the Mancunian strength of Stone Roses and The Smiths, to the legends in the game – The Beatles and Queen, our tally of artists that represent our stupendous British music culture from this little island is colossal and simply iconic.

If it’s one thing I’ve always been proud about our country – its our music and how truly captivated we all are by it – this goes the same for the artists and consumers.

Don’t believe me? You can see it in packed fields at festivals, our quintessential music stadiums, to our personal local music scenes in our favoured nooks and crannies, hidden away from the rest of those lot who simply wouldn’t understand.

You can even see it closer to home in our very own TV sets – our adverts, our programmes – and the list of radio stations, showcasing the philosophy of [BBC] Introducing telling us all about new and upcoming artists – artists who can be no more than a few feet down the road from us.

And now, it seems that this love of the UK has traversed across seas to the 14 other major music markets across the world. Australia, France, Germany, Canada. USA. They ALL seem to be sharing the love.

‘A Symphony of British Music’ – Pello

Homegrown talent, fresh from the rustic streets of rural UK is wearing our flag proud and displaying the best of UK culture to the far corners of the world. A tally of 640 new artists joined the roster of major labels last year (2019/2020), no doubt causing these new markets to bulge … letting everyone else know exactly how it is done.

But, why does the world love it?

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