Equal Gender-split festival line-ups: Reflective of musicality or just plain unfair?


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The likes of acclaimed artists, Sigrid have spoken about the irregularities of festival line-ups that do not really portray a fair and equal gender-split amongst those set to play for each. While this poses problems for gender inequality within the music industry, as female artists are outed by their more dominant male counterparts, does this just reflect on more the musical talent the male artists bring? Do they top the festival bills more often because they’re known to bring a higher audience rate than those of female artists?

Of course, this highly controversial topic is always in the air, and extremely opinionated depending on who you spend time talking to. So, whatever side of the fence you’re on, do let me know!

4 responses to “Equal Gender-split festival line-ups: Reflective of musicality or just plain unfair?”

  1. Crandew avatar

    I think bands should be grouped by genre, nothing else. ‘Equality’ is such a loose, mostly meaningless term. It always ends being forced racism, sexism, etc. We’re better off just concentrating on talent, not gender (or race). That’s my opinion man, for better or worse. 😃

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Yeah, it really is! You’re spot on with this one; it certainly puts this case to rest for sure. Irrespective of where artists are placed within festival line-ups, they need to be there for sole talent – and no other reason!

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  2. Content Catnip avatar
    Content Catnip

    I agree with Crandrew, I think it’s just stupid and these kinds of things stifle creativity for people, everyone is so worried about not offending anyone else that they tremble in fear about saying anything meaningful or powerful at all about society or the state of the world.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Yeah, it’s quite disheartening to see this still prevalent when we know just how powerful female artists can be. It is plain unfair to think this way that we should have equal gender within festivals. Festivals are FOR THE MUSIC, and less so for the politics that come with it.

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