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If Red Hot Chilli Peppers selling their catalogue doesn’t show how broken streaming is then …

Let’s Talk …

In the most recent news to filter out of the industry, one of the most prominent bands in the quirky rock category – who dominated the charts in the ’90s – have sold the publishing for all of their music catalogue for a proposed fee of Β£100 million to Hipgnosis.

Now, whether it’s a way to secure a stable future for friends and family, or merely demonstrates the situation of music streaming for artists, the Peppers have joined the long-list of eclectic artists who have also sold their songwriting formats, like Bob Dylan and Fleetwood Mac.

As drummer Chad Smith talks about the future of the band, by looking ahead to new music, it solidifies their position in an overwhelming industry as one of those bands that have been there, done that, and signed the t-shirt. Well, signed the deal, in fact.

Either way, let me know your thoughts on this one – will more international artists join the plethora already once momentum is picked up? What does this demonstrate to us artists who are up-and-coming and don’t have a collection worth selling for millions?

Is the industry ethos of selling, changing?

More importantly, if these artists are selling their work now while it’s hot, do these music artists know something we don’t?

By manvmusic

In one of the most controversial, ever-changing and unpredictable industries, join my rants and ravings as I dissect the music industry word by word through technology, current events, industry stories and problems.

4 replies on “If Red Hot Chilli Peppers selling their catalogue doesn’t show how broken streaming is then …”

πŸ’œ A True “artist” doesn’t give a fuck about money EveryOne; just ask Van Gough who Gifted a piece of his ear to a friend, died in relative poverty and now his artistic works are sold for millions…basically the point is that YOU!!! ARE either a Money Grubber or an “Artist” EveryOne; to try and Be Both is To Be a Miserable Failure at Both so CHOOSE!!! Wisely πŸ€‘


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you’re spot on – it’s all about choosing the right path in life regarding money. I think artists are just securing their future with their created music, especially considering how risky the industry really is ..

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πŸ’œ …oh, and by the way (BTW); don’t be surprised to hear from Coldplays Lawyers for “Let’s Talk”


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