Return of Metal: Bloodstock Festival 2021


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Emotions ran high as one of the heaviest metal festivals returned to our fields with Bloodstock. In midst of panic and disruption caused by COVID, we were unsure about whether music would stir itself back into a frenzy come the summer, but it seems the festivals are coming back once again. We will see the likes of Skindred, KREATOR and Judas Priest renter our halls of darkness onto the fields of Catton Park in Derbyshire this weekend.

With Midlands counterpart of Download, hosting a smaller pilot version of their original mass festival, it sees a major heavy metal festival return in major fashion – full size scale with all the trimmings.

For me, I won’t be careening into festivals too soon since the pandemic, but I’m excited for lost of music fanatics and festival goers, and I’m certainly thrilled to see the many photos and videos that will come after it.

You can view all of Friday’s action so far via the link below:

2 responses to “Return of Metal: Bloodstock Festival 2021”

  1. Crandew avatar

    Such weird times. This is the longest stretch I’ve gone without being on stage since I began playing. I would love to see Judas again, and be back on stage, but I have my doubts it’ll ever really be back. Heres to hopes and wishes man!

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Yeah absolutely! I’m looking forward to it for others, but I’m apprehensive myself. Music will return to our stages before we know it, my friend.

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