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YouTube Music has since become one of the fastest growing music subscriptions out there after passing an impressive score of 50 million subscribers – paying and otherwise – over the past month. This has resulted in 1.8 million subscribers joining the roster of YouTube music since October 2020.

Now, whether it’s the resurgence of staying inside from lockdown, or whether it’s the tarnished reputation the likes of other streaming services are getting, everyone else better watch out. I’m looking at you Elk over there at Spotify.

Let me know your thoughts on this one: is it the sign of the times? Are we started to enjoy music videos again? Is YouTube Music the new MTV?

5 responses to “YOUTUBE MUSIC TOPS 50M SUBS: Is this a sign of the times?”

  1. I’ve never used Spotify and only use Apple. The reason I picked Apple was because I could upload my entire catalog and stream it anywhere, at the time you couldn’t do that with Spotify. I don’t know if I’d do YouTube because I don’t sit around and watch videos, but if I did I would definitely sign up as I do miss MTV…the real MTV.

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