Saving the Music Industry: Mainstream Artists set to perform at Grassroot Level


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In a bid to ultimately save the music industry – and its affiliating grass-root music venues – mainstream ‘popular’ artists will be seen to plan their touring around grassroot venues across the UK, to allow these once forgotten and bedraggled venues to flourish and to thrive once more in our communities and culture of music.

With the stated date of 19th July confirmed that events and gigs can return to our venues and festivals, we are slowly beginning to plan a course for the Autumn for the return of music. With this news that it is a huge positive for grassroot venues, we can only hope of the return sooner rather than later!

2 responses to “Saving the Music Industry: Mainstream Artists set to perform at Grassroot Level”

  1. Content Catnip avatar
    Content Catnip

    That’s such a cool idea and I hope a lot of people go out and see them play and support struggling venues too! 🙏💚

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Oh yeah, me too! Would love to see it; especially how a lot of the huge artists we see today, actually started at a lot of these venues to begin with. They can thank them for the career they’ve had!

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