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“Wrote a letter, did you read it alone?”


//Alongside their announcement for album number 3, they share summer magic single: Bloodrush.\\

After a debriefing and a detoxing from 2019’s Future Dust– and the subsequent aftermath that fell after it– your favourite Amazonian wonderments are back.

The ethereal The Cure-inspired album name of How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me? is expected to be released on the 2nd September this year with a subsequent European tour to boot in October. No doubt expedited throughout the whims of lockdown, HWIKIHWFM will encompass 4 years after their explosive self-titled debut that took us all aback with Black Magic and In My Mind.

Truthfully, The Amazons have taken their music down a few pegs with Doubt It and Mother featuring a more laid-back approach to the ethics of songwriting. With Bloodrush comes a perfect indie anthem that anticipates the return of The Amazons to be a good one – whether that be appearing in festival line ups this summer is another thing altogether.

It’s a wonderful moment to think that the last time we had an Amazons album was when we were all different stages in our lives. Now after the pandemic from the fallout of swampy Future Dust in 2019, it really does feel mark the precedent new stage beginning in our lives.

//You can view the song below, do let me know what you think of it. Nothing out of the ordinary or something special?\\

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