Music in Mourning: The Death of Taylor Hawkins


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If everything could ever be this real forever
If anything could ever be this good again

I was in a state of temporary shock when I woke up this morning to the news of Hawkins. Untimely, deeply saddening – and the one drummer who inspired me to pick up my own pair of sticks – Hawkins passed away last night at 50.

I didn’t even have the might to write this up today, I felt so lost this morning when I heard the news. So lost in fact, that I thought my other half was joking when she told me.

His untimely death has rocked the rock world to its core as the legendary status of Hawkins lives on with his magnificent drumming and fantastic vocals. A well-versed and much loved musician in the world of rock: he will be sorely missed. Not least by his amicable fans, his family and his best friend, Dave.

I’ve been reading all the tribute messages from all the music stars today about his wonderful mannerisms, an inspiration to be around and overall being a top bloke. Now, mine may not be as beautifully poetic as sharing a worldwide tour alongside one another, but its a just story all the same.

I was 12 at the time. A kid unsure what to delve into as a hobby. I had tried many a sport but nothing really was clicking in for me, I wasn’t necessarily feeling myself with anything I ever had a go at. Then, I heard it. Everlong. That song that has so much love, compassion and history behind it for myself growing up with music as my crutch – and a song that is so beautifully moving and empowering with its lyricism and thundering musicality. That’s where it started for me and my journey into drumming. I would never be where I am if not for the work of Foo Fighters and Hawkins’ drumming prowess. One of the greatest drummers to exist in my humble opinion.

A true tragedy, may the legend live on forever.What perhaps makes it worse as a tragedy was the fact that it was so unexpected considering Foo Fighters were currently on tour, expecting to perform to Bogota tonight. Hawkins has always been extremely vocal with his drug troubles. 4 years after joining Foos, it became apparent that he had had a heroin overdose and was a coma for two weeks. Now, we all have our demons and Hawkins had seemingly managed to overcome them. But with him dying at such a tender age of 50, it begs the question whether his death was drug-related, considering his extremely difficult past with drugs.

Alas, the not-so-glamourous lifestyle of a rockstar and public figure. Still, I don’t want to often dwell on the discomforts of his death but rather to celebrate on his wonderful life and career as one of the all-time greats behind the kit. May he now live in peace.

My thoughts go out to his wife and three kids aswell as the Foos family and those from the Coattail Riders.

2 responses to “Music in Mourning: The Death of Taylor Hawkins”

  1. EclecticMusicLover avatar

    So utterly heartbreaking, and such a tremendous loss to not only the Foo Fighters, but the entire music world.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Yeah, really is horrific to hear. He’s living it up with the other rockstars up there now.

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