06/05 – New Music Friday: What’s Your Music?


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//06/05: So as we finalise up the first week of May, we hit another NEW MUSIC FRIDAY. So, what are your choices and with so many pre-singles being released for the summer, what album are you most excited for?\\

Your favourite eclectic DIY artist, Jamie T returns to the forums with The Old Style Raiders off the back of his B-side batch in 2018. A momentous occasion is rife for Arcade Fire fans as they release their seventh studio album, WE with duo The Lightning I, II leading the charge. Jubilant flor bring about summer delights with Future Shine today while Kasabian and Tom Meighan go about their business acting like nothing happened over the past year with both releasing new material – Kasabian’s SCRIPTVRE and Tom’s Movin’ On being noteworthy picks.

Our trivial indie wizards of silky synths and high-octane vocals Everything Everything release yet another pre-pre single to the upcoming album, RAW DATA FEEL with Pizza Boy. Nothing extraordinary but brings more excitement to the release of the album in its entirety. The album will be released all as singles at this rate.

From two different ends of the post-punk spectrum, you have Warpaint flourishing again with gorgeous Radiate Like This and then you have “don’t have a cow, man!” Stand Atlantic with their tween rock-pop f.e.a.r anthem album. Both impressive to their ends in their own right.

Knucks and AJ Tracey top the bill in UK rap with ALPHA PLACE and Reasonable bringing distinctive sounds. While we take a hype through this … our big Sunday comedown would be Sigrid’s How To Let Go.


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