SINGLE REVIEW – Against The Current: “Wildfire”


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Happy weekend, folks! I hope you have had a relaxing one so far..


From delectable EPs inflamed in trouble to quick single turnarounds, the New York pop-rock fusion band, Against the Current, are not letting the ball drop with high frenzied, Willdfire.


Inspiring those to chase their dreams with an even bigger voice, its emphatically bold and powerful to bring hope forwards into the new year. For the industry – and for those individuals seemingly fighting against the current and brazenly facing the backfire – they will no doubt bring whole-hearted carpe diem moments within their music.

Although seemingly dabbled in American cheese at times – with common perceptions of music we’ve already before in the past – bands like Against The Current, Stand Atlantic and Waterparks are inspiring the younger generations to keep in touch with their rock-like qualities .. and that’s all that really matters.

2 responses to “SINGLE REVIEW – Against The Current: “Wildfire””

  1. KT Workman avatar
    KT Workman

    I’m not familiar with the group, but like the song. I rarely listen to new music, but occasionally, run across a group or singer who goes against the current grain of generic music.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Magnificent. Which, as ever, allows them to grow even more going against the norm.

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