Your Weekly Round-Up: First Week of February


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As our music industry heats up and festers from the Wintery blues of January, we start to pick up traction with some fantastic new material released or planning to be released all for anticipation of a stonkin’ Summer of Music for 2022. There’s something extra in the air this year, I can feel it.

Despite unwarranted tour cancellations amongst COVID concerns, the music industry is gearing up for a return expected to match 2019 numbers for our artists but most importantly … our industry workers who make it.

This week comes fruitful offers from all those who give it away. From Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ return – with John Frusciante – with Unlimited Love, to Liam Gallagher’s third album acclaim for the summer to the colossal works of Korn and Evanescence hosting a music festival at the heart of the prison made famous by The Shawshank Redemption (I know right?), both Fontaines D.C and The Strokes hosting those intimate London shows again and the controversy surrounding Spotify’s slander with the Joe Rogan debacle, moments of artist expression are blossoming marvellously – and aptly- into the Spring season and soon, the Summer season, which will no doubt catapult grass-root level artists to the intimate stages of ample audiences.

This week has been a topsy-turvy kind of deal. With sparking artists – GAYLE to name one – reaching overnight success from TikTok, we can only expect more as TikTok becomes the new way of plucking out new artists from the pools of management and labels.

Exciting times so far for 2022!

What are you looking for most this year?

2 responses to “Your Weekly Round-Up: First Week of February”

  1. Andrew avatar

    Given the crazies “leading” my country (at all levels, not just federal), I don’t know what kind of messed up rules will interfere with my life this year. Shows are the furthest thing from my mind. I’d love it if tours would become a thing again.

    Without trying to jinx myself, perhaps Stereophonics will play a show near me without cancelling it. There are days where I wonder if the band even exists! Each time I try to see them, they don’t appear. sigh…

    As is the case every year, I look forward to new releases. I look forward to discovering bands, new and old. I look forward to another year of showing my kids what good music sounds like.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Yeah, marvellous. I always look forward to new unheard music, hopefully tapping into a underrated band that should be up there with the best right now.

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