Song of the Week: “Fairwell to the Fairground” by White Lies


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Something of a delectable appetite, White Lies expansive work of To Lose My Life … is their best to date – and Fairwell to the Fairground is no different. Insatiable indie deep-tone rock of the ages, it came at a time when the likes of Editors and Kaiser Chiefs ruled the roster. Although not as sought-after compared to their Northern counterparts, they were – and are – still prevalent as ever in an industry forever churning and twisting in on itself.

Shredding post-punk is something of a foundation that is hard to come by – and White Lies do it with such poise and ease. They are slowly becoming one of my favourite listens this week. Hence why, it’s my song of the week.

2 responses to “Song of the Week: “Fairwell to the Fairground” by White Lies”

  1. Andrew avatar

    White Lies! I love their music. I’d say that Friends is my favourite album. Harry has some pipes that remind me of Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode.

    Farewell to the playground is a fun song. The bass line is infectious, much like it is in most of their songs (Take it out on me is a good example).

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Yeah, it’s that damn bass line – gets me everytime. Really cathartic to listen to their own collective. Glad you enjoy em too, Andrew!


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