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Happy Sunday, folks. I hope you’ve had a good week and are looking forward to a new one coming up … Whatever plans you have set for this week, tackle the week in the right way with some of our > …


Led by unfounded multi-instrumentalists, Metronomy are smouldering at the thought of creating such an ambient soundscape in a universe of tailcoat dreams and swirly mountaintops. By jove, the thought-process has paid off.

Globally acclaimed, lo-fi dance charting escapism is a joy to listen to, and is no way lethargic in any sense of the word. A perfect backdrop to either working or commuting – this is Wilkinson’s Cognition.

Bubblegum pop in the highest regard, English singer-songwriter, Louise Allen – known professionally within the alias of Foxes – is on track for a marathon career of pop propulsion and stardom. Known more for her debut, GLORIOUS, this a relaxed rendition to the songwriters’ work and is a perfect kick-starter for those particularly difficult mornings …

Previously mentioned on here with a whole review of their own, AURORA is still on my radar with consistent listenings throughout.

Perfect ambience fit for those damp forest trails, The Gods We Touch is another beauty from the Norwegian singer-songstar. Worth a listen, at least twenty times.

Khalid’s Scenic Drive speaks for itself on this list. Indulgent and chill, it paves the way in Khalid’s temperament with a down-to-earth perspective on writing future material. Although not as emphatically catchy and sleek as his pivotal turning point of American Teen in 2017, it’s a nice change to the mix and sets the R’n’B headliner as a more diverse talent in the works.

Grab a few of these songs and more in a specially-made playlist below:-

6 responses to “Made for Music: Your Picks for the Week”

  1. the press music reviews avatar
    the press music reviews

    nice picks, nice post. Enjoying Wilkinson’s Cognition thanks to your recco.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Ah thank you, sir. Appreciate it. Yeah, there’s a few recognitions here that fit the bit of many genres. Spicing it up on the recommendation scene!

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  2. Andrew avatar

    Thanks for the suggestions. I have lots to listen to these days (a nice problem to have!), but I’ll keep those listed in mind.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Hahaha nice nice! Thank you sir. Do share with us what’s on your radar at the moment.


      1. Andrew avatar

        Well, I’m somewhat of a CD addict. I buy, buy, buy. CDs are a major vice. Given that we couldn’t spend much money during lock downs, I had to scratch the retail itch somehow! lol

        My purchases over the past few weeks include:
        Degreed – Are you ready
        Wombats – A guide to love, loss and desperation (sounds like a Depeche Mode title)
        Crazy Lixx – Forever wild, self titled, Ruff Justice (What’s with the Swedes and catchy glam rock?)
        Hardcore Superstar – Split your lip, Dreamin’ in a casket
        Some old Smashing Pumpkins singles

        And finally…some Canadian content (gotta support the locals)
        Helix – Wild in the streets
        Ron Sexmith – Cobblestone runway
        Lowest of the low – Shakespeare my butt…

        On TOP of all this, I have a bunch on order:
        new Stereophonics, Bloc Party, White Lies, Stars (excellent Canadian pop act worth checking out)
        Bloc Party’s Tapes, Nextwave sessions EP
        Three movie scores – The Crow, First Blood, Bloodsport (classic movies too!)
        Eyes – self titled
        H.E.A.T – Into the great unknown

        I’m working from home for the foreseeable future. I have a little boombox I use to consume all of that music in between zoom calls.

        If you think I went overboard, you’re probably right. It’s ok to judge in this case. 😉

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      2. manvmusic avatar

        Hahaha blimey sir! That’s a huge and tasty CD haul you have there .. and that’s just in the last week! Good stuff. I haven’t owned a boombox in quite awhile! I often resort to music streaming now – which does take away from the physical presence of some of my favourite music. However, with my absolute faves, I’m always sure to purchase its vinyl counterpart, I love vinyls but they always possess the problems with .. where do you put them all?! Seems to never be enough room in my small, compact flat.


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