Here’s to 2022, folks! A new year in the making with opportunities, plans and goals galore. What are your long-term plans for this year? Whether it be for your blogging perspective or just general targets in your personal life – do let me know!

As January hits, we look forward to our summer getaways – our gig managements and festival planning, perhaps? Either way, do let me know your thoughts and perusals and we’ll explore them together. It’s perhaps a good idea to jot them down here too .. just to remind you!

4 responses to “HAPPY NEW YEAR! What are YOUR plans?”

  1. Andrew avatar

    Happy new year.

    I’m at an age now where my plans for the new year become modest.

    Unlike your PM, our provincial premier decided to put us all in lockdown. As a result, my plans include survival, and listening to as much music as possible. Adding more to the CD collection remains a plan in perpetuity.

    Everyone in my household is in good health. Nobody lost their job. I can’t really complain. So many people out there have it way worse.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Happy New Year to you, sir! Ah, I see – to be honest, it may have been best to put us in a lockdown too, as I have tested positive for COVID since ..! Nonetheless, I’m hopeful for 2022 with bigger plans on the horizon. Listening to as much music as possible has always been a goal for me, but now in self-isolation it has escalated somewhat! Take care with yourself and in your household. Speak soon, I’m sure 🙂


      1. Andrew avatar

        I realized a long time ago that there is someone out there who has it worse than me. Sorry to hear you got it. Hopefully the symptoms aren’t affecting you too much! Get well soon!

        I found out yesterday that my friend is in intensive care with a tube down his throat.

        Remember to plug in the cheery music, not the depressing stuff. That means no Joy Division, no Cure’s Pornography ;). Bloc Party’s Weekend in the city perhaps? Catfish and the Bottlemen? The Darkness?

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      2. manvmusic avatar

        oh no, that’s horrendous my friend. I’m sorry to hear about that, I’m fortunate enough to realise that there are folks who are worse off than me out there. Hang in strong, and do what you do best – accommodate his music to recovery!


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