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Let’s Talk: What’s your most treasured music memory?

Happy weekend, folks. With the first day of Spring finally upon us, I’d thought we’d all take a trip down to memory lane, and discuss our most treasured memories in the world of music.

Live or recording – what’s the best memory in music you hold? The one you hold dear – or simply just a fond tale of your past experience?

Let me know.

With me suffering hideously with hay fever today – so fittingly on the first day of Spring, too – let’s gloss over the fact that music and it’s beautiful moments won’t be til after Summer this year, and talk about what we miss about the most, and what we have loved along the way.

I’d have to say my most treasured music memory is witnessing the rock legends, Foo Fighters live at the National Bowl in Milton Keynes, UK. I remember as if it were yesterday – a year prior to when I was set to be whisked off to University in 2016, we spent one final piss-up with some lads from back home, paying a fitting tribute to Grohl and co, Royal Blood and naked-drunk music icon, Iggy Pop. Yet, this gig was simply one-of-a-kind, because we saw Grohl in a way that no one would ever see again.

After recovering from breaking his leg in Sweden earlier that year, Grohl was – rather fittingly – occupying a “rock throne,” marked up with guitar necks and luminous beauty. Despite not having the same energy and give Grohl would often given if he was his own two feet, it was still a sight to see – a moment that would be short-lived as he would recover just the year after.

Bellowing out rock classics amidst of crowd of thousands – with vivid detail of what those porta-loos looked like – whilst the sun in the shire of Buckingham settled down for the night, was and still is, one of those that will stay with me forever. It will stay with me too, especially since I saved the very ticket and wristband that got me into the gig in the first place.

Right, I think that’s me done. What about you lot?

Do let me know your most treasured moment of music in the comments below – I’d love to hear them!

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Thought For The Day: Music in 2021

This is me, somewhat lost. *Insert sombre, poignant music here* I’m lost because I haven’t sat down at a drum kit for over 4 months now, and I haven’t seen live music itself in a venue capacity or otherwise, for over a year.

Here is me pondering over the prospect.

It’s making me more agitated and anxious, the more I think about it, the fact that I haven’t played or seen music for quite some time. I feel like I have a mild case of ADHD, and playing the drums is my escape from it all. The release of endorphins rushed onto a kit smashed half to hell. I know there are more pressing matters in our daily lives right now, but this is a music blog. For you all know, this is all we ever talk about. Nothing else matters if it’s not music.

With the live music industry in muddy water regarding its resurgence in the coming years, and the proximity of socially distanced gigs simply not feasible to break-even, where will we see our entertainment in a years’ time – hell, in a month’s time? It certainly isn’t opening capacity up to a third, like New York and their partnering music venues are doing. Nor is it cramming thousands of people into a field in for Reading and Leeds Festival 2021 in August – a mere month after restrictions are reduced for us.

The music industry is on its knees as is, especially with streaming providing next to nothing for artists and their due payments. With artists relying on tours and shows prior to COVID to earn a decent living wage, will more and more musicians have to revert to a career change? Will it just be the elite musicians who can already afford the loss who remain to keep the momentum going? The situation is disastrous, especially with the lack of certainty in the music camp right now.

The most important topic the music fans are discussing is, if we will ever feel comfortable in a crowd for a gig ever again.

A lot of questions right now, but not a lot of answers.

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MIKA (2007) | Childhood Nostalgia

MIKA’s Grace Kelly and my Guilty Pleasure

Considering how well my last one went, what better way to continue the saga with MIKA?

I think everyone and the next door’s cat grew up on some sort of MIKA, right? I can’t speak for everyone of course, but ever since his popular single, Grace Kelly graced our airwaves way back when in 2007, the magical multi-octave French singer went on to become my guilty pleasure.

Mika’s Life in Cartoon Motion (2007)

Introducing Myself to the Debut: Life in Cartoon Motion

With singles, Love Today, Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) and Stuck in the Middle, Mika’s 2007 debut of Life in Cartoon Motion was my first ever CD I bought from the local HMV. When CDs were formally the rage and evidently took up the majority of the chart sales – with no vinyl actually in sight throughout the shop, mind – I scanned under “M” for Mika and Grace Kelly, and stayed for its enjoyable cover design.

Soon after the introduction of popular music and MIKA, I went through a faze of listening to chart music on repeat and became the chart savvy among the household, and tuning intently every Sunday for BBC Radio 1’s Chart Show – even my older brother didn’t do that. Above all else though, this was the one thing that I had to listen before the week of school started the following Monday.

MIKA’S The Boy Who Knew Too Much (2009)

Coming Back For The Sequel: The Boy Who Knew Too Much

It was so good to me, in fact, that I stayed around for MIKA’s second attempt with, The Boy Who Knew Too Much two years later in 2009. A perfect pair, these two albums fitted so well with one another – lyrically and musically depicting the same flurry of MIKA magic.

Damn, does that mean that I listened to MIKA for a successive two years? All I know now, is that these two albums are amazing to me, my music taste and my childhood. I am not ashamed to play these now, blast out to some good ol’ teenage pop and have a boogie.

Now, this music not only has played a part in how I’ve grown up and has been ingrained into my adolescence, but has also allowed me to overcome some boy struggles too, such as betrayal and heartbreak. And for that, I’m truly grateful. There was no better therapy than belting out the words, “Ah, ah, ah, is there anybody home?
Who wants to have me just to love me?”
to 2007s Stuck in the Middle. Amazing.

Of course, his new material is a bit lost on me now as I haven’t tuned into for a while – ever since my music taste turned toward more alternative, radical flavours of the industry. But I hear he is doing just as well with collaboration hits with Ariana Grande in 2012, (Popular Song) and his most recent release, My Name is Michael Holbrook in 2019.

I’m sure I’m not the only one with a guilty pleasure – who’s was yours?

Check out the previous Childhood Nostalgia featuring Gorillaz – link below.

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Me and My Drumming

I couldn’t find any pictures of myself that will fit this, but this tells the same story …

I feel like I’ve been incredibly lucky since March 2020 when COVID hit our shores in the UK. Me and my partner have not only managed to remain healthy throughout this period, but also be able to maintain our current jobs.

I know there are more people are more worse off than me and my situation, so for that, I’m eternally grateful. But there’s something bugging me the further we go venture into another lockdown …

One more month has gone by without any active and consistent drumming practice from me. I love the drums and everything to do with it – but without my practice, I fear I will start to lose my ‘skills’ and my muscle memory will start to deteriorate.

With no space within my own accommodation to fit a kit, I’ve been actively going to the nearest rehearsal studio for practice. But, of course, virus restrictions put a stop to that plan. Now, I have my ‘lil drum practice pad to keep me company, where I’ve been doing the odd rudiments here and there, but it is simply not the same without a fully fleshed drum kit and is simply not rigorous enough to deem as sufficient practice in my eyes.

The one saving grace with this all is that, I have fallen into productivity more so, with listening to music and blogging to keep my mind occupied during this troubling time in-between working, but I’m seriously missing blasting out on a kit – even if its just for a couple of minutes. Here’s hoping that the vaccine roll-out will all be completed during the start of Spring so we can get back to doing what we love outside. Drumming.

Before the year 2020 began, I had ample time to practice and even record some bits and bobs. As always, you can catch what I got up to prior on my YouTube channel (that has since remained extinct.)

Here’s to returning soon.