Evening folks! I’ve got a special one for you here.. a quick NMF review of two stand-out songs that were released today. But the writing credit doesn’t go to me this time. Oh. No. It goes to my other half, my girlfriend, who has picked up the duty tonight for one time only – or is it for one time only?

The 1975 – “Part Of The Band.” A lurdy-folk first fir Of Mice and Men. Oh, I mean The 1975.

A song that sounds like it was recorded in a empty tin of beans, in a decade few and far between. Lyrics that don’t tell a tale but sound satisfying together. Some fiddle like instrument hovers in the background, and some whimsical triangle sounds bring the song to life or maybe attempt to revive it. Something about soy milk – who even drinks that? Oak milk all the way. Gets funky tube-busker like towards the end, like a harmony of buskers joined together for a last shin dig at 3am in bank tube station before heading home for some Kip.

Bring Me The Horizon – “sTraNgeRs”, what’s wrong with naming songs normally?

Bring me – (the noise cancelling earphone to drone out this big standard bring me song) the horizon

Another drab song that sounds like the rest. With uninspired over-done lyrics. Indistinguishable from the rest of the pop punk. By all means the song is a head banger but it’s substance is lacking, and it sounds like any other of their songs – which is seemingly a formula that works amongst the black parade of wannabe rock-punkists.

Peace out punks✌🏻 wine time

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