Shake Your Money Maker: Southern Rock and Blues-Rock Fashions into a RE-BRANDING

One particular release that you may have missed this year was the sixth release from Black Pistol Fire. Raucous with their fusion of southern rock, blues and garage punk, Look Alive is a stand-out album that is emphatic in its style aswell as its music production. Fused between the boisterous concoctions of The Black Keys, Cleopatrick and the quirky expertise of Queens of the Stone Age, comes a rock-child that joins the list of ever-growing duo rockers.

Accustomed with the stigma of charcoal black already in a rock deluge, Black Pistol Fire have a certain class and persona when it comes to their tastefulness of blues-rock, which goes farther than merely immersing in the black décor. The album comes out swinging with self-titled, Look Alive and Pick Your Poison, with both indulgent songs swinging a depth into the work of Cage The Elephant and among others. Rampant throughout, the album boasts and brags with such a large pair of cajones, as we’re dazzled through the bright funky lights of of Never Enough and spat out the other side with Level.

The album is not just an aggressive boaster though, it has passive – often contemplating – slow-burners like Hope in Hell and Always On My Mind that wouldn’t be a shock to see such songs escape the song-writing booths of Pixies.

A glorious reprise for a fusion of classics – southern rock, blues and dripped in garage punkLook Alive is a fanatic favourite to swoon and enjoy within your own time, and will no doubt become a classic in it’s own time.

6 responses to “Black Pistol Fire: Look Alive”

  1. manvmusic avatar

    NEW NEW NEW REVIEW! In support of New Music Friday (despite this being released in January) – welcome to the stage BLACK PISTOL FIRE. Let me know your thoughts on the album, the band and the music. Who do they remind YOU of?

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  2. Yernasia Quorelios avatar
    Yernasia Quorelios

    💜 Good on yer Muso Bro; from a Big Bad Brother Musing Bro


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  3. theatrealtair avatar

    Thanks – I wll “try” it !

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Haha marvellous stuff. Let me know your thoughts .. 🤔

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      1. theatrealtair avatar

        I’m on “Fire” – excellent – the drummer has a terrible touch – and a terrible look too! That’s right, there’s a little bit of everything “old” that they liked, but put back to their idea, good good good

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      2. manvmusic avatar

        Haha yeah you like? That’s certainly good to hear.


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