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I made a playlist: The Blissful Collection

Here it is folks, the esteemed playlist of The Blissful Collection.

Nothing beats bliss. Stick this beauty on, and you’ll get lost in it forever … Critically acclaimed sorrows are abound in this playlist, and are guaranteed to de-stress your muscles and de-clutter your thoughts.

20 songs – 1 hour of euphoria, a selected paradise of musical beauty. Folk, lo-fi pop, soft rock, psychedelic pop – it features a wide array of familiar casts and characters.

As the same before, this playlist is entirely collaborative and wishes for you to get involved, have a feel for the playlist and earn your own interpretations …

Have a gander below and see for yourself.

As always, if you don’t happen to have Spotify, do let me know of any alternatives you use and I can sort that out for you. Thanks folks – – GET LISTENING!

17 replies on “I made a playlist: The Blissful Collection”

I don’t have Spotify I can’t play this unfortunately 😔 but I love that Kings of Leon song it has a special place in my heart it was on a wistful and romantic Playlist of mine from 10 years ago and brings back memories of Eastern Europe for me 😻 thank you

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Ahh yes, it’s an amazing song – in fact, that whole album is immensely powerful! When Kings of Leon were at their best, I’d say. Thank you for sharing! By all means, if you need it on another platform, I’m happy to set one up for you!


I finally had a chance to listen to your entire playlist. First off, I’m a huge Foals fan, and have their album “What Went Down”, so obviously love “London Thunder”. I’m also a fan of alt-J, and though I’ve never heard “Ms” before, I really like it too. Some of the other tracks I especially like are “Sad Heart of Mine” by Caspian, “A Gallant Gentleman” by We Lost the Sea, “Pictures” by Benjamin Francis Leftwich, and “Solid Ground” by Michael Kiwanuka, another artist I’m not very familiar with, though I really like his hit songs “Cold Little Heart” and “Hero”.

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