COVID-19: Current Events

Current Events detail exactly what is happening right now in the world of music. From battling COVID-19 issues upon the effect of the live music industry, it showcases the current support, debates, and opportunities to provide funds to not only yourself as an artist but to the rest of the community, to help us revive the live music industry during this exceptionally difficult time.

You can view the full catalogue below:

Getting Back Together for Live Music

The Return of Live: Summer Confirmed

Most Recents: MARCH/APRIL 2021

UK Festivals issue “red alert”: insurance talks break down

COVID UPDATE: Barcelona hosts 5,000 Concert – for COVID-tested crowd.

Download Festival CANCELLED for 2021 – What’s Next?

Most Recents: FEBRUARY 2021


Are We Planning for Music Festivals Too Soon?

Music Industry Talks: Is it Worth the Career Change?

TRENDING: The Power of Music – What Can we do to Help?

January 2021


The World’s First ‘SPACE BUBBLE’ Concert of 2021

Glastonbury 2021 has been CANCELLED: IS THIS THE END?

December 2020


What Will a Vaccine mean for the Music Industry?

November 2020


“If you’re not on the list, you’re not getting in”: The Return of Concerts in 2021

What’s Happening in the Music Industry?

October 2020


Culture Recovery Fund Given to Provide Support to Music

The Creative Sector is More Important (than they think)

Music Industry: Parliament Protest

August 2020


PASSPORT’s Support to Raise Awareness

RESTART-19: Germany’s Study COVID Concerts

Bandcamp‘s Brainstorm

Smash Mouth Host Controversial Gig

Let The Music Play: The Campaign

COVID-19: Drive-In Concerts

Recovery Survey is Launched

COVID-19: The Threat to Local Music Venues

Impact of COVID-19: The Power of LIVE MUSIC

The Harsh Reality for the Music Industry