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Earlier, I reached out to Cecilia Nicole who was looking to venture in Music Supervision as a full-time profession.

With the knack to combine music with its visual media, it is a skill that is best learnt on the job, sharing tips and networking, networking, networking.


“As a young professional [aspiring to make of supervision my full-time profession], it can be daunting sometimes to know where to start from.

Even with a background in Music Business, the world of licensing and consulting can be overlooked during lectures, although making up a huge part of the industry and its revenues … a few years ago I became fascinated with the concept of syncing sounds to images and never looked back.”

As music supervision is within the same fields as music licensing – a sector I work and familiarise myself with – I was intrigued to hear her journey so far and the importance of it all.


Cecilia Nicole

Music Supervisor at No0x Management


Tell us how you first started out!


My passion for the industry starts with being a classical musician, and then singer-songwriter. I went on to study Film music and music business at uni, and that’s when I found out that I actually love all of the business part as well.


Give us a lowdown on current day-to-day activites.


I am now starting out as a freelance music supervisor, and, although I can say it’s proving to be very challenging, it’s also what I love to do and I’m willing to work hard to achieve my goal.


What do you like about the music industry in terms of the sector you work in – or expecting to work in?


What I like about music supervision is that it merges different media and combines them together; when you find the perfect fit for an ad or film, it’s like a full circle!


What don’t you like about the music industry?


I still don’t like the fact that it still considered “mysterious” and the path to get into it isn’t always clear (which can also be a pro); being a woman also adds other challenges but we’re working on them.

[Problems about the Music Industry – and how to fix them:]


What’s the best advice you ever got from someone else about the industry?


Apart from the obvious one, the best tip i got is to network network network. As an introvert I’m still working on it, but I can say that years of going to music conferences and getting used to meeting people of the industry really helped.


How difficult was it at first to establish connections within the industry?


… It can be hard sometimes, but I found social media to be very helpful (especially during this lockdown period). I’m trying to reach out as much as I can, without being annoying!

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