Culture Recovery Fund: £257 million given to support UK arts and culture


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1385 arts organisations are benefitting from a share of £257 million as part of a vital financial boost from the Government’s £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund.  

This funding will not only save the beating heart of cultural communities across the UK but revitalise those once lost by allowing performances to restart, venue to plan for reopening to help protect jobs and to create avid opportunities for freelancers.

This allocation brings up the grant funding to an astonishing figure of £360 million. A figure that is frightening – but reassuring – to see that it has been put to use to all those arts organisations that were seemingly forgotten about during the troubles of the pandemic.

With allocated funds being sent to theatre companies and art collectives it now will tide them over til next year without the worry of winter looming of their heads with the threat of their doors closing for good.

For smaller grass-root venues, it will allow them to flourish with smaller-event capacity gigs, without the implications of losing out on turnover at the end of the night.

Theatres, museums, galleries, dance companies and music venues bring joy to people and life to our cities, towns and villages. This is a difficult time for us all, but this first round of funding from the Culture Recovery Fund will help sustain hundreds of cultural spaces and organisations that are loved and admired by local communities and international audiences…”

Sir Nicholas Serota, Chair, Arts Council England

Hopefully, the Culture Recovery Fund will allow all venues from every aspect of arts and entertainment to see themselves just above the red as we dive into Winter – a period many are dreading for climbs in case and a falter in the economy for the music industry. This fund will not only provide further security, but will also allow venues to look hopeful to the next 6 months or so, with the earliest live gigs, tours and exhibitions set for the start of Spring 2021.

Some good news when we haven’t received a lot this year! … can we expect some more news before Christmas passes us?

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