Restart-19: Germany Study Risk with Crowded Concerts


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After a funding of 990,000 euros (£892,000) was pumped into research, three concerts were held – all of each imposing levels – to investigate the risk posed by mass indoor concerts during the pandemic.

About 1,500 healthy volunteers took part in the concert study of Restart-19, in an aid to “investigate the conditions under which such events can be carried out despite the pandemic,” researchers stated.

The first of Saturday’s free concerts aimed to stimulate an event before the pandemic, with no safety measures in place.

The second involved greater hygiene and some social distancing – while the third involved half the numbers and each person standing 1.5m apart.

So, this way, it allows us to give a deeper and more accurate representation between the three levels and allows to best gather results in how we can hold real concerts having a decent audience while also not raising too many more covid-19 cases.

All participants were tested for Covid-19 before taking part, and given face masks and tracking devices to measure their distancing.

Researchers reportedly also used fluorescent disinfectants to track which surfaces audience members touched the most, which is an interesting tactic to deploy since we can perhaps corner off certain areas where members touched the most to prevent further risk.

“The corona pandemic is paralysing the event industry … as long as there is a risk of infection, major concerts, trade fairs and sporting events cannot take place. This is why it is so important to find out which technical and organisational conditions can effectively minimise the risks.

Saxony-Anhalt’s Minister of Economics and Science, Prof Armin Willingmann

Whilst more and more research being supplied into the events industry to provide support for all future events and more and more funding being pumped into crucial sectors to stimulate employment within the industry, it is elevating to see how we help is out there to see how quickly we can recover from this situation we have found ourselves in.

It may be at least four years til we recover from this pandemic financially, but hopefully, with more resorts being actioned across Europe to provide terminal answers to holding events safely, hopefully we can see ourselves enjoying live events sooner than expected.

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