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Music Industry Talks: Is it worth the Career Change?

Study: Trouble’s Brewing in Australia

According to a new survey orchestrated on the shores of Australia, more than half of the live music and entertainment professionals that were asked are considering a career change from it all. After the drib and drab of the pandemic outcome back in March, the 1,156 total individuals took part; 55% of those who work within the industry stated that they’re “considering changing industry.” That being said, only just below 25% of those same individuals said that they had not considered leaving the industry. Which is even more worrying. At such a low number and the industry in disarray as it is, is there any future? Those margins are considerable and seriously devastating to the industry in Australia.

Is this same precedent set to awash on our European shores, too? With a more positive outlook on the music industry, music and entertainment professionals have been fighting to keep afloat during this time, with many projects and plans in place by Music Venue Trust to raise viable funds until we can get back to in the Summer. But, are we just postponing the inevitable? Ever since this morbid news aired, it’s got me thinking, that’s for sure. I bet this is a similar outcome with our professionals, too. The uncertainty and inability to return to our usual numbers in 2019, has got people considering a change in the industry, to ensure that they can support their families afterwards – and with the professionals already in the industry considering a change, how in the hell are we supposed to enter that same industry?

5 responses to “Music Industry Talks: Is it worth the Career Change?”

  1. That’s really terrible. I was born in Australia and grew up there before moving overseas…absolutely amazing live music scene in Melbourne, it would be a huge tragedy to lose it 😨 I really hope it’s not the case where you are too. Music makes life worth living 🙂

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  2. Here’s a really good blog for music from an Aussie guy William, I have been following him for years, it’s a mix of underground and alternative music mostly from Australia and New Zealand 😉

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