Big Artists, Small Gigs: Nationwide Series Provides Support to Small Venues

In an attempt to raise awareness for the beauty of our small grass-root venues, Passport: Back to our Roots have given avid music fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch the biggest artists at the smallest of venues.




What’s not to love?

These shows are not live-streamed from an empty room or held under ‘social distancing’ conditions. Rather, they are a celebration of the unrivalled experience of watching your favourite artist in a room full of friends and fellow fans – as it should be.

Passport: Back to our Roots

With the Crowdfunder campaign a method to place potential ticket holders in a prize draw for concert tickets, it not only promotes the chance to see your favourite artists live, but also raises donations for struggling small music venues simultaneously.

With artists such as Elbow and Everything Everything supporting the cause, there doesn’t seem to be an invalid reason to get involved with this. While it is confirmed that these won’t happen March til September 2021, (with the apparent dates tbc signalling this status) with this seemingly far away to wait for, raising funds is imperative right now to ensure these venues are around then to actually put these live music events on.

Manchester locals show their support with intimate gig

This gig will NOT be: 

– Live-streamed from an empty room

– Held under ‘social distancing’ conditions

Rather, it is a celebration of the unrivalled experience of watching elbow in a room full of friends and fellow fans – as it should be. 

Passport: Back to our Roots, 2020

With Elbow‘s gig raising an amount of £45,537 out of the stretch target of £50,000 to reach in 3 days, it is looking more and more likely that small venues will not be covered by Government funds and support, but rather by us as music fans and venue charities like Passport and Music Venues Trust who are backing us all the way.

Of course there is not just support shown for Elbow.

Everything Everything, Public Service Broadcasting, Ash and The Slow Readers Club have been raising money via their own Crowdfunders, with the majority of their gigs passing £3,000 worth of donations.

If you wish to show support yourself, and enter the prize draw for winning tickets to Elbow, click here:

Of course, if you want to find out further information, visit their main page below:

See further with their partners:

Stay up to date with all the latest about supporting the live music industry below …

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