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Your Artist of the Week: Superlove

// BRITS SUPERLOVE are: Jacob Rice & Jonathan Worgan.// Clean-cut, noise-pop Bristolin superduo, Superlove are brazened in exciting orange-red after their debut announcement of Colours – which is set to be released at the start of April. Diverting away from the usual run-of-the-mill 12-track listing bubblegum pop record – because that would be nothing other […]

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Artist Spotlight: Plini

As prestigious from his masterclasses to his independency in artistry and musicianship, Plini is one artist who is a devoted forward-thinker and has created a magnificent blend of instrumental progressive rock. –All hand-crafted and recorded from his own bedroom studio. FIRST THOUGHTS Truth be told, instrumental prog rock is never a genre I have tapped […]