Harry and more: Today not only marks my mothers’ birthday today (happy birthday Mum)… No, it also marks another New Music Friday!

//With eclectic triumphs from both Harry Styles and Everything Everything aswell as Porridge Radio and Flume providing to the mix, it’s been a successful work rate for our favourite alternatives.\\

The Elephant in the Room (Upside Down): Styles’ Harry’s Housepreceded by Late Night Talking and As It Was – is the hotly anticipated album release for this week and supports and celebrates the anthems of change in line. Dabbled in charm and subtle experimental tones, this is Harry at his most stripped back. While most *female* fans would enjoy that the most, it’s a far cry from a more commercial approach Fine Line in 2019.


Everything Nothing: Talking of Style, Everything Everything ripples into Friday, revealing Raw Data Feel on the sly. For the past few months, we have been rocked with their four pre-singles, mostly notable Bad Friday. Whether the album will live up to the momentum … is another story.


Magic of lo-fi Dance: You can almost taste the sea air on your tongue and the sand grains in your teeth with so many avid cushty albums being released with vivid colour. Flume’s Palace is expected to enter many-a driving playlist this Summer with this lush landscape of dreamy dance cemented into the bedrock of UK garage. With acclaimed collaborations abound with Damon Albarn and Caroline Polachek assisting, this album is not one to be missed.


Age of Alternatives: UK alternative music has never looked stronger in recent years. Arbitrations have set off in local scenes over who takes the coveted prize. For many, no two bands are quite as superior as Black Country, New Road and… Porridge Radio. While the agile effects of alt-rock and post-grunge induced Ants From Up There dispelled enough doubts, it’s Porridge Radio‘s turn. Another band to step out of the elusive DIY underground scene into one of the most vital voices, every step Porridge Radio take is a sharp, steadfast one. Potent imagery, quick-witted dialogue and immersive soundscapes that are a pleasure to listen to, Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder to the Sky is another one to add to the ever-growing list.


Dance-dwellings: It’s not just alternative music that deserves a shout, mind. Two compelling DJ artists in their own right, both Tourist‘s Inside Out and Seb Wildblood‘s do you feel it too? are making waves, too. Both in an embodiment fit for the dance-floor and fitting within the comforts of a headphone jack, they are suitable contenders for sundown soundtracks after a hard day’s work.

You can have a listen to my picks from the tailor-made playlist below (plus a few extras):

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