When the four-piece Californian frontier force of Warpaint struck all the right chords at Roundhouse in London last night, their smooth-playfulness, agility and tact cannot be ignored.

The band have successfully evolved with the times, all the while offering hope and deliverance to a world otherwise confused in its state. Warpaint’s new work, Radiate Like This is a spectacle of unique sounds dribbled with subtle complexions of post punk rhythms. Whether you are stargazing or cloud-spotting, the album is a sultry relaxation that pushes female musicality to the forefront once again. Dynamic singles of Champion and Hard To Tell You enter the indie chartings of Grizzly Bear and Blonde Redhead without boasting a flavour too sour to taste. Hitting the sweet spots in all the right places, Radiate Like You is an indulgence that cannot be consumed all in one go – for fear of never waking up again.

Such a vibe, it is a commendable fourth studio work from these 4 extremely talented artists. And is worth the artist spotlight for this week. Have a listen below:

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