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Heads Held High:|| The Work of GNARWOLVES||

It’s always colder here in February, once we’re acquainted with the Autumn leeaaaaaaves You wouldn’t expect Brighton to hail such gritty markups – but it seems that a love of skateboarding, gruff DIY punk and partying is a universal sentiment everywhere. After earning a pretty decent number of fellow punk-dwellers that seemed to stick with […]

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Making GRAMMYs History: Jon Batiste and the Importance of Celebrating Black Culture

//As someone who holds themselves in high regard with the know-hows and the who-haws of the music industry, I have to say, I was quite ashamed of myself not knowing or truly understanding the work of Jon Batiste. I was vaguely familiar with his work-ethic when it came to the composing of Pixar’s jazz-epic Soul […]

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Let’s Talk: The “Downfall” of Machine Gun Kelly – mainstream sellout

So, it’s taken me a while to get around to this one. After MGK’s genre-defining moment of Tickets to my Downfall went platinum back in 2020, I was marginally excited for its follow-up. Embellished, new and pivotal in the course of pop-punk, Tickets to my Downfall was a solid album upon release. Sparked by the […]

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Your Artist of the Week: Superlove

// BRITS SUPERLOVE are: Jacob Rice & Jonathan Worgan.// Clean-cut, noise-pop Bristolin superduo, Superlove are brazened in exciting orange-red after their debut announcement of Colours – which is set to be released at the start of April. Diverting away from the usual run-of-the-mill 12-track listing bubblegum pop record – because that would be nothing other […]

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Vertaal: Your Artist of the Week

Despite receiving the preceding playlist treatment this dynamic duo received by filtered to the back, Vertaal are deserving anything but. Simply coming together through their shared love of nu-jazz nuances and broken beat characteristics in their home town of Hertfordshire, bonded drummer Ajit Gill (right) and keyboardist Theo Howarth (left) developed an expressiveness to their […]