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Let’s Talk: What do YOU HATE about music?

A slightly unusual topic to discuss on a daily MUSIC BLOG, but since we’ve talked all about what we LOVE over the past months, what’s NOT TO LOVE in the world of music?


This may certainly upset a lot of you, it may even anger a lot of you, but I want to know what you hate most about music. Whether it be a certain genre, or god forbid – a certain artist, it’s always good to know where our boundaries are when it comes to music, so we know exactly what we like and what we don’t like.

For me, this is certainly a difficult question to ask. That’s not just because where I am and what I write about, but if you asked me that question a year ago, I could list off about ten things on what I hate. But, truth is, I’ve come to appreciate a lot of controversial genres for what they’re worth and grown an admired respect for certain acts, especially in the areas of hip-hop and rap. So, I think for me – the thing I hate most about music right now is that damn word of “popular” when it comes to music. More often than not, the word “popular” defines what’s good, what sells and ultimately what earns those awards and top prizes. Which, for me, is a load of hogwash. One fan of one artist could result in a completely different opinion of another. When it comes to something so opinionated like the art of music and what we like as consumers, I don’t feel like majority rules all – despite what the charts and global music awards are trying to tell us.

You can just see the downfall of The Grammys over the recent years, how the face of “popular music” and the act of awarding music may become less and less important in the coming years.

There’s amazing musicians creating music out there that may not even fit the ears of twenty or thirty people in their lifetime of making music, but this doesn’t certainly make it less good than those artists who sell out shows, right? It’s simply all subjective.

Either way, let me know your thoughts.

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Song of the Day: Blossoms’ Honey Sweet

Sanity returns to our daily lives as we see civilisation returning, as we escape our caves, quarrels and fester in the sunlight. There’s no fitting song for the redemption of waving goodbye to the pandemic this year, than Blossoms’ back-catalogue.

The epitome of summer in the 80s, it showcases sweet nostalgia, flowery vibes and wonderful moments to cherish.

I’d recommend blending in with the crowd by listening to the remainder of the self-titled album, which they first released way back when in 2016. We were just beginning to get to grips with them as a band back in 2016, but now, they are a fully formed indie band making their marker in summer festivals around the world.

A bloom worth watching – Blossoms.