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The Hopes and Uncertainties of UK Touring during COVID

_______________ “Every time I’ve had a guess that [COVID] is going to be over, I’ve been completely wrong.” – Robbie Williams ________________ Amongst all of the news in the new year, one prevailing factor when it comes to the music industry still exists. It is the simple fact of uncertainty creeping in yet again to […]

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Return of the Tale: More concerts are cancelled in amidst COVID surge

From punk-idled Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes cancelling their two intermittent London shows off the back of their ‘Sticky’ tour to Harry Styles’ Pre-Orange Bowl concert being cancelled in Florida overseas due to a variant surge amongst the prevailing pandemic, the live music sector is amongst fears yet again as we enter a ‘new year’ […]

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Project Revitalise: More than a third of UK music industry workers lost jobs in 2020

The number is 69,000 in total. Due to the crippling financial devastation that COVID caused on the music industry and UK Music, it’s certainly Project Revitalise for our music industry as we long for the return of the numbers we once pre-COVID in 2019. With hundreds of festivals and music events cancelled and/or postponed – […]

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Saving the Music Industry: Mainstream Artists set to perform at Grassroot Level

In a bid to ultimately save the music industry – and its affiliating grass-root music venues – mainstream ‘popular’ artists will be seen to plan their touring around grassroot venues across the UK, to allow these once forgotten and bedraggled venues to flourish and to thrive once more in our communities and culture of music. […]

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Eurovision 2021: What happened?

Eurovision happened last night and it gave us a swell reminder of the joys of witnessing live music again with the joyous occasion of extravagance, colour and beauty. With a fantastic stage crew of colossal stage lighting and props, it was a Eurovision for the ages. It also reminded us how hated we are within […]