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Project Revitalise: More than a third of UK music industry workers lost jobs in 2020

The number is 69,000 in total. Due to the crippling financial devastation that COVID caused on the music industry and UK Music, it’s certainly Project Revitalise for our music industry as we long for the return of the numbers we once pre-COVID in 2019.

With hundreds of festivals and music events cancelled and/or postponed – with no valid insurance scheme to fall back on – a wave of job losses surged through with the uptake simply being too much for small to medium promoters and event organisers.

As predicted, the slump was hit the hardest with the live music sector which saw revenues collapse overall by 90% to a mere thousand pounds.


“We have listened carefully to UK Music’s arguments about a market failure regarding events insurance,” said Nadine Dorries, the culture secretary. “The UK music industry is one of our country’s great national assets, and I give my commitment that the government will continue to back it every step of the way.”

That may be all well and good but with many insurance schemes and crisis funds coming far too late for many, will a financial release from the Government be enough this time around?


Our music industry is slowly beginning to revitalise itself with the mass sprawls of major festivals returning, international artist tours rekindling music venues and with it, comes the investments of music consumption. But revitalisation as always, starts with you. What will you do to help our UK music industry?

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Saving the Music Industry: Mainstream Artists set to perform at Grassroot Level

In a bid to ultimately save the music industry – and its affiliating grass-root music venues – mainstream ‘popular’ artists will be seen to plan their touring around grassroot venues across the UK, to allow these once forgotten and bedraggled venues to flourish and to thrive once more in our communities and culture of music.

With the stated date of 19th July confirmed that events and gigs can return to our venues and festivals, we are slowly beginning to plan a course for the Autumn for the return of music. With this news that it is a huge positive for grassroot venues, we can only hope of the return sooner rather than later!

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Eurovision 2021: What happened?

Eurovision happened last night and it gave us a swell reminder of the joys of witnessing live music again with the joyous occasion of extravagance, colour and beauty.

With a fantastic stage crew of colossal stage lighting and props, it was a Eurovision for the ages. It also reminded us how hated we are within the cliques of the corresponding European countries as we earned nil points from either jury or viewers.

Despite the whims and downfalls of the United Kingdom, it allowed us to forget one fleeting moment – for one night only – that we can return to a scene of normality within live music and entertainment. To top it off, a fantastic dark and heavy rock group won it from Italy, with, in what seems like a first for Eurovision, a resounding lead made all possible by the votes from the viewers. Despite the cocaine debacle, they were a magnificent group-favourite to win and showed off their talents and efforts rightly so.

The talking point, however, for us, was United Kingdom. Despite not having the worse song this year by any stretch of the imagination, we failed to earn any points from either the other countries or the viewers at home. It often seems that whoever we pull up as our artists, we are destined to fail. However, this testament just goes to show how these music competitions are capped off more via political views than anything else when it comes to announcing the winner. Past winners have shown just how remarkable this popularity contest is when it comes to looking at it from a musics’ perspective.

Still, an all-round entertaining night that deserves praise for its appealing factor, style and charm when it comes to the return of live music and entertainment for us all worldwide.