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Happy Saturday, folks! I hope you have some wonderful plans in store for this yearly Summer. With plans in mind, why not take a glance at some recommended singles below? All in the wondrous form of a collective story-playlist!

A collective of songs resembling those stark-naked dreams sprawled out on the beach, the radiant sunshine glaring its blinding beams down at you. And you, reflecting on nothing but the tide coming in …

Flip-phone-fantasy Ocean Grove’s SHIMMER kicks things off during this dream. This is followed with the far more relaxed – but no more than limiting – Bad Dream Baby by five-piece funkoids, Hippo Campus as you begin to wonder whether you’re in a dream … or a nightmare. Is that wave showing the attributes of something bigger? Resounding positivity seeps in again though as you understand that its your dream, you can muster up anything you like. Shangrila’s Happy echoes on in the background as your most treasured loved ones appear beside you on the sand, sprawled out just like you – although may not as stark-naked… Strawberry Lace’s Jungle is next up in your earholes, a psychedelic beginning of reflection and simply accepting the waves to wash over your sprawling self. Cathartic in all the right ways, beautiful compositions turn to the emphatic finale of All Tvvins’ Something Special. Summers can become something special with all the right people. These songs are the perfect accompaniment to such a season. Hopefully, you can find one amongst this lot that stays an avid rinse-and-repeat of yours.. !

Here’s to the Summer of 2022!

2 responses to “Discover Weekly: Your Weekly Music Round-Up”

  1. Andrew avatar

    It’s ironic that you’re thinking of summer already. We’re due to see 40cm of snow by this afternoon. I’m not complaining. It’s winter. It’s not like we can avoid the white stuff!

    Thanks for the summer suggestions. Something tells me that I’ll still have the White Lies, Stereophonics, Bloc Party and Coheed and Cambria releases in heavy rotation. I find that local music works great in the summer. Canadians are spoiled when it comes to catchy music, such as Marry me Archie by Alvvays, House that heaven built by Japandroids. It’s also Canadian tradition to play the Tragically Hip. It might even be law now.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      hahah lovely words here, thank you Andrew. Those traditions sound fab – although I’m hideously envious of all the snow you’ve got over in the great plains of Canada. Winter over in the UK is a very dull and disappointing affair. The closest we get to snow is often weird slush at the peak of February, so you can’t blame me for thinking about summer already hahaha! I’ll take a deep dive at some of those recommended you’ve been though, they sound tantalisingly good.


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