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The Hopes and Uncertainties of UK Touring during COVID


“Every time I’ve had a guess that [COVID] is going to be over, I’ve been completely wrong.” – Robbie Williams


Amongst all of the news in the new year, one prevailing factor when it comes to the music industry still exists.

It is the simple fact of uncertainty creeping in yet again to our sprawling city venues and precarious local music scenes as we saw more rules and regulations to our gigs and concerts. Postponements have been fashioned across Wales, Scotland (much less with England, far less restrictive rules apparently) and especially with bands fortunate enough to host European legs on their tours with many gigs and concerts overseas pushed to the season of 2023.

The difficulty is that COVID still poses this uncertainty with many unscheduled gigs resulting in unattended figures and no-shows from avid concert-goers, as the fearful are reminded that COVID still exists and prevails within our entertaining society. With that, comes in drops in revenue, touring artists cutting half their schedule which negatively impacts not only the international artists but also their touring team of 20+ employees relying on this for valuable income. Luckily, with the UK, (whether this is down to our unjust Government failing once more with failures in preventing the variant spread or something else, is entirely down to you) most indoor concert venues are openly active and alive with flurries of artist activity. However, the same cannot be said for other European countries and America overseas. With far more restrictions concerning indoor entertainment shows and performances within close spaces, it seems that the rest of the World has become more sensitive to the Omicron variant than us in the UK.

Now, I don’t mean to get overly political on such a site, so I think we’ll leave it there for now. But, it’ll be awfully detrimental to our working class within the music industry that’s for sure!

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Power of Soundcloud: Reach Millions of Listeners

I don’t think there is a greater platform out there right now, that allows up-and-coming grass-root musicians to get their music to millions of avid listeners.

In a world rife with saturation, with millions of fellow music artists striving for attention, it is important to first get your priorities right with the correct online platform. Soundcloud may just be your answer. Localised directly for young, developing artists, it is one of the best platforms to share your music and guarantee a familiarity with your music getting played. In ways that the oversaturated markets of Spotify cannot satisfy so easily, Soundcloud is a platform specifically designed for the music and the people that create it.


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YES, YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT. With the Government seemingly withholding the results from the festival pilots, the Live Music industry has taken a great stride in representing all the creatives by actively suing the Government for its lack of transparency, and overall willingness to come forward, with what we need to view, test and learn from.

Download Pilot 2021 with 10,000 capacity occurred a couple of weeks ago, showing that it can be done.

What’s the point in festival pilots if the Government won’t release the data?

Legal action was launched today (June 24) to force the publication of a report from Phase 1 of the Government’s Events Research Programme (ERP).

The purpose of the ERP is to study “the risk of transmission of Covid-19” from attending sports and entertainment events, and business conferences. Despite the glowing reports of the research programme being a “glowing success”, still, many people ponder why restrictions are still being held in place with the arts and entertainment sector still held within lockdown until at least July, despite mass sporting events are occurring right in the city at Wembley and at Wimbledon. It also comes with another blow to the industry – not only are they refusing to release the research synopsis, but also no insurance scheme has seemingly been put in place – despite numerous calls for change when so many events had to cancel, with no insurance in place to ultimately cover the cancellation costs.

And now here we are, actively suing the Government. There seems to be some serious underappreciation or understanding from the Government, simply unaware how much the LIVE MUSIC INDUSTRY brings to society, culture and the overall economy year on year, without fail.

Time for change. Again. Is this the way forward? Will they FINALLY listen to us now? Only time will tell.