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In a return after a 3-year hiatus from 2018’s Simulation Theory, Bellamy and co are back with dark and dominant passenger of Won’t Stand Down. Facing adversity with strength, it’s a call-to-arms against all the bullies in life and really sets the boundaries in the direction of where Muse are set to go with their ninth album – yet declared or confirmed as of yet. You can view it below:

Let me know your thoughts … !

4 responses to “Muse’s Return to the Realm of Simulating Black Holes: “Won’t Stand Down””

  1. What is it most people say when commenting on memes? Oh yes, I see Muse, I upvote!

    The band seems to be getting better with age. Drones was a fantastic album, and even better tour! Simulation Theory was a solid release.

    I think they’re knocking the whole “not as good as their first album” trend.

    One last thought on Muse. I remember following some music site years ago. The author wished that Rush had covered the band. I think the song was Stockholm Syndrome.

    Happy Friday. I hope you’re feeling better.

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    • Ah bless you sir, I’m glad you’re enjoying the new work of Muse – think it’s safe to say that every album they’ve released since the euphonious Drones has been fantastic. I’m glad you’re settling in well, hope you’ve had a good week!


    • Yeah often, they feature long lengthy intros that take a while to sink your teeth into, but once you’re in, you’re IN! Looking forward to their new album this year. More exciting announcements to be made, I’m sure. Thanks for stopping by!

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