Singles Review: Foals “Wake Me Up”


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Happy weekend folks. I hope you are having a relaxing time so far.

I just thought I would jump on and share my little insight about Foals return t0 the world of music – with one less member this time.

After their departure of their keyboardist Edwin Congreave in September, many were questioning the bands’ direction afterwards, but we needn’t have worried. Wake Me Up is the band’s next cultivating landmark to indie stardom. Trailblazing the hip guitar funk-flex as we witnessed in 2013’s Holy Fire, the song is a bass-thumping emphatic reach for Foals climbing up all those mountains.

Following their biggest project to date with two full idled albums released back-to-back in 2019, many fans are eager for the next settling chapter for the newly-turned-trio. Could this be the start of something new? Although there doesn’t seem to be any love lost between the departed members as Wake Me Up shares experiences on a dystopian wonderland simply not quite believing what they’re seeing; I’m walking through a dream/I’m walking through the finest place I’ve ever seen/Hey man, won’t you wake me up?/Say, hey man won’t you wake me up?

Whether this is an appreciation post for the band to keep going forward and carrying on with what they’re doing or something deeper, many us Foals fan are happy to see them back at it again doing what they do best.

2 responses to “Singles Review: Foals “Wake Me Up””

  1. EclecticMusicLover avatar

    It’s a pretty good banger, and though I don’t like it as much of some of their previous songs, especially “My Number”, “Mountain At My Gates”, “What Went Down”, “Albatross”, “Birch Tree” and “The Runner”, I do like it a lot. It’ll be debuting on my newest Weekly Top 30 tomorrow.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Ah smashing, yeah it’s certainly not their best but it’s a fresh new approach into how the band may be going forward. Exciting for more to come next year!

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