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The first wave of acts for Reading and Leeds Festival 2022 was announced earlier today in a bid to get all us festival goers excited again for next year.

In what seems like a turning point for the once-mainstream rap/hip-hop festival, it’s shaken itself down and brought up a new line-up for the ages. Is this one of the best line-ups that’s been announced for a few years?

The likes of Arctic Monkeys, Wolf Alice, Bring Me The Horizon, Rage Against The Machine and Maneskin top the billing with both Arctic Monkeys and Maneskin making an emphatic return to the festival circle in 2022. What are your initial thoughts and feelings on this one? Will you be set to make an appearance among summer festivals next yea – or will you go on holiday instead for the same price?

11 responses to “READING AND LEEDS 2022 LINEUP: Best line-up in years?”

  1. I wish I could tell you that I know most of the acts on there. Truth be told, I recognize a handful of names, all of which are good.

    Thanks for bringing out the UK bands. Much like there are lots of great unknown bands here in Canada, I’m sure there are even more of them in the UK.

    I have been to Reading, the town. Nice place. Perhaps I’ll be able to check out the festival in the future.

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    • Ahh yeah, I suppose a lot of the bands are still yet to break across the pond! Which is fab for you because you get to relive that first time feeling all over again by listenin’ to them! Thank you for the words, Andrew – certainly means a lot.


  2. On the plus side, Rage is one of those bands where you don’t need to worry about the singer losing his voice as he ages. That is one advantage the rappers have. I just imagined Zack on stage, in his 70s, yelling “f you I won’t do what you tell me”. I don’t know why, but the image makes me laugh.

    I feel the need to continue attending festivals. I want to get my two five year olds into music as soon as possible. Someone is going to have to inherit my CD collection!

    In my neighbourhood, festivals are sometimes the only chance I get to see the up and coming acts.

    I’m hoping that Roger Waters decides to pick up his tour again. I was supposed to take my Dad on Father’s day last year.

    My Island CD came in the mail yesterday. I’m enjoying it. They remind me of Athlete. Thanks for the heads up! FYI, there is a band from Montreal called Islands. How confusing!

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    • Hahaha that’s fantastic, Andrew! I’m glad you like the album; good stuff. I think that’s the best way for them to inherit into your music, I learnt some of the best music off my dad and family. Growing up with that music stays with you for sure. Festivals are also a brilliant way for you to discover your next favourite artists. Some real hidden gems amongst the line-ups sometimes … Thanks for your feedback.

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