//Heatwaves really be freaking people out, while we get stuck into proper summer music tunes.\\

With new poolside options to dabble in with Foals, Road Radio, Nova Twins, Two Door Cinema Club and Drake – what’s taking your fancy this Friday evening?

Two Door Cinema Club’s Wonderful Life brings a revival for the band as they flaunt and relive early days with their new single. Full of palm trees and floral shirts, summer is settling in for us all.

Not to mention Foals finally get to release their sixth studio album with Life Is Yours. Another number doing wonders for sunglasses and smoothies, it boasts an eclectic effort of brimming indie-pop ecstasy with 2am, Wake Me Up, Looking High and 2001. However, the album’s build-up was seemingly better than the end product, as it turned out the band may have released too many pre-singles beforehand. 7 of the 11 songs were released, giving off a sense that they had pushed out the album already. More in-depth analysis will be done this weekend via an album review!

If indie-pop is too light for you, how about sticking your head into two powerhouses of women in rock right now. Blitzing out singles like they’re going out of fashion, their star-studded follow-up album, Supernova is released. Featuring dirty and aggressive Antagonist, Cleopatra and Puzzles as crowd stand-outs, they’d certainly be expected to rip off the stadium roofs this summer on tour. Get it while it’s hot.

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