Despite receiving the preceding playlist treatment this dynamic duo received by filtered to the back, Vertaal are deserving anything but.

Simply coming together through their shared love of nu-jazz nuances and broken beat characteristics in their home town of Hertfordshire, bonded drummer Ajit Gill (right) and keyboardist Theo Howarth (left) developed an expressiveness to their music, that encompasses everything to do with true passion in music composition and writing.

Combining an eclectic cocktail of nu-jazz {Bornheimer’s Red Moon springs to mind} and beautiful neo-soul intricacies {the likes of marvel Little Simz and og J Dilla and Busta Rhymes are instant favourites here..} bring the duo sounds(z) up to the dazzling heights of those influenced before them.

Their album Paradigm Shifting – now entering its second year being released in the midst of pandemic lockdown – it emphasises nuances and cadences of heart-melting moments on a spiritual and experimental level.

Its musical context is worthy enough to enter the realms of arts and culture soundtracks but is not subdued enough to enter the inescapable territory of elevator music, so hangs in the middle somewhere balancing rather equivocally – which, if anything, makes their work that even bit more intriguing to the naked ears.

You can listen to their soundscape here below: – – –

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