halfalive: “Give Me Your Shoulders” – Album Review


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Distinguished themselves in the forestry of palm trees and golden sands, Californian mellow indie-pop collective of halfalive encapsulate a perfect Summerland.

Either coasting on those long drives with your hair stricken back or your feet awash in those clear-blue waves, Simply feel-good, halfalive’s music implores you to simply remember those worthwhile moments worth remembering.

Changing the role of the music video in the modern era of 2019 – where music videos come few and far between of importance for the music industry – their music is every bit worth the dip into the pool.

Now, they’re back from their 2019 album, Now, Not Yet – that featured their most populous feat yet, still feel – with Give Me Your Shoulders, Pt. 1. A subtle flavouring of what this years’ music will entail for the band, the 7-length feature EP features melodic magic of Make of It, Summerland and What’s Wrong that really wills the art of summer to come that bit quicker this year.

It’s slightly odd to think about summer as this point in time when we have the majesty of spring to contend with – even with most folk knee-deep in snow still at this point in the year, too – but there’s no harm in planning summer getaways already in the third month of the year. If you’re going to blame anyone, I’d blame halfalive..

I’ve got the tickets booked already!

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