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Vertaal: Your Artist of the Week

Despite receiving the preceding playlist treatment this dynamic duo received by filtered to the back, Vertaal are deserving anything but. Simply coming together through their shared love of nu-jazz nuances and broken beat characteristics in their home town of Hertfordshire, bonded drummer Ajit Gill (right) and keyboardist Theo Howarth (left) developed an expressiveness to their […]

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Machine Gun Kelly & Willow: “Emo Girl” Singles Review

With a new year comes a new album – and a new title change*. Emo Girl is the start of something new – or consistent – in the world of punk. With a change in title and an elusive punk-debut charting the records for Machine Gun Kelly, is this new chapter a chip off the […]

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YOUTUBE MUSIC TOPS 50M SUBS: Is this a sign of the times?

YouTube Music has since become one of the fastest growing music subscriptions out there after passing an impressive score of 50 million subscribers – paying and otherwise – over the past month. This has resulted in 1.8 million subscribers joining the roster of YouTube music since October 2020. Now, whether it’s the resurgence of staying […]

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Let’s Talk: Are Music Videos Dead?

Despite the infamous MTV rising gloriously in the ’80s, with the ethos of how “video killed the radio star” from that Buggles hit, music videos were the all the rage. But, they’ve dwindled ever since, and it seems that music videos are not as prolific as they once were. It’s worth mentioning that they still […]

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Sleep Token – ‘Sundowning’ Album Review

Eternally divinine, Sleep Token are one of the most unique new underground acts in the heavy rock and progressive metal heading to leave its quarters of worship and share its beauty with us. Definitive, powerful and expertly put together, Sundowning is one of my favourites that I just keep coming back to, simply to relive. […]