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For this week’s singles review, it seems we are discussing the fashionable return of Avril Lavigne. In a bid to stay majorly relevant among the revitalised punk scene that is happening right now, Sk8er Boi punk-queen has since signed with Travis Barker’s DTA Records, and released snap-and-heel single of “Bite Me” in quick succession.

Since becoming more than acquainted with rap-punk protege Mod Sun, Lavigne has since eclipsed her days of bittersweet melodies – which comes with growing up – and entered the territory of angsty pop-punk yet again because it’s come full circle and returned in emphatic fashion.


Nothing says the revitalisation of a genre than rekindling one of the old flames that was at the forefront of it all at the start of the 2000s. Certainly, the combination of Lavigne and Barker is a worthy team to bring it all back. Nostalgia for the ages.

Anyone up for sticking on MTV again?


7 responses to “Back to the 2000s: Avril Lavigne’s “Bite Me””

  1. Wow, there’s a blast from the past. She hasn’t aged since she was began being complicated. The song isn’t bad. It reminds me of something from her ex husband’s band Sum 41, along with a pinch of Blink-182. It’s been a while since I last heard from the sk8er girl from Napanee!

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    • Yeah, it’s certainly an odd feeling seeing Lavigne making angsty punk noise again. Still, I’m all for it if it results in more punk music with Barker making an appearance.


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