New Music Friday: What are you playing at the weekend?


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As another Friday rolls around, we enter the spooky season of Halloween this weekend. So, let’s delve into some of the new releases for October 29th, and get an idea what new songs may be playing alongside your Halloween playlists this Sunday.

‘My bad habits will lead to wearing this hideous costume … ‘


Eddy’s Return equals equals: This Friday, sees the return of Sheeran’s songwriting with his latest release, =. Following the quirky, unadulterated format of adhering to a mathematician’s dream, = follows his last release which was all the way back in 2017. Seeing a different side to life by taking up fatherhood during this time, Sheeran is embarking on yet another eclipse into a life he loves. Worldwide tours sharing worldwide love, Ed Sheeran will no doubt feature pre-single favourites of Bad Habits and Shivers.

Komeback of Kasbian: ALYGATYR: Kasabian share their first new bits of material following the departure of Tom Meighan. The sceptics amongst the fans of the Leicester band wondered what would happen after those abusive allegations first appeared, with many hedging their bets that the band would all but collapse in on itself. But lo and behold, driving creating force and lead guitarist behind Kasabian has rose to the challenge. Batting of combatants of change, Sergio has trailblazed his way to a fantastic arching story of a frontman. Of course, it is not Pizzorno’s first time as a leading frontman in a band – he also shares the same spotlight role with his super-immersive project of The S.L.P. With a homecoming show in Leicester and a fanatic single seemingly taken straight off the B-sides of 48:13, it’s like anything has rarely changed at all.

Biffy Clyro’s SURPRISETRICK OR TREAT?: Adorning to the fans of the Kilmarnock-rockers, they managed to release two studio albums in the space of little over 12 months. Sharing the same idealisms as A Celebration of Endings that was released post-lockdown, The Myth of The Happily Ever After is a special side-project of classic Biffy works that would have more likely been discarded, never to be consumed by ears again. Emblazoned with Unknown Male 01 and A Hunger In Your Haunt, it is a delicious treat for us to enjoy. Just in time for those past curfew during Halloween, too!

Leading the Way in Indie … Death Cab For Cutie and The War on Drugs: The War on Drugs third album comes with I Don’t Live Here Anymore, a splintered rock ‘n’ roll album of character. The next chapter from A Deeper Understanding … we’re going deeper still and we’re gonna need a bigger boat. With a new week abound with anniversary releases, Death Cab For Cutie joins the list with releasing a 20th Anniversay Edition of The Photo Album. Although no new music from the sensitive bitter-sweet drive from DCFC, it is a tasteful reminder of some of their best works to date … and a somewhat harrowing reminder how long they’ve been creating music for.

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