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Another Friday rolls around, and more yearning continues for new music.

It’s been a fair while since we’ve delved down the rabbit hold of new music in the industry. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Nothing But Thieves are back with their profound, raucous rock under, Moral Panic II. The smaller second act of Moral Panic is here with more disaster-abound music with 5 more instalments with the likes of Futureproof and Miracle, Baby.

WILLOW removes her attachments to the old life of hers, and goes full steaming punk with the help of punk icon and esteemed benefactor, Travis Barker. lately i feel EVERYTHING is another trend-setting punk album that is firmly placed in its genre. WILLOW screeches and screams her away to the pursuit of answers she’s been looking for.

Although not as remotely emphatic and europhic as their debut, The Hunna are added to Travis’s roster, as he inputs his name into another rock album with I’d Rather Die Than Let You In. Their third studio album comes with more darker undertones and a serious mentality to approaching metal music full pace. Hopefully, I will get around to a full album review soon.

The splashy ’70s alter-ego of Grohl enters the scene with Dee Gees. Hail Satin. It seems that the Foos have stripped away their hard-edged rock, and flaunted on stage with disco alternatives. Embracing the sheer fun and boredom of industry lockdown, they just play music because they love it. And that’s why we love them.

Hailing from Dublin, Inhaler made their presence known among the spheres of indie-rock with their new debut album of It Won’t Always Be Like This. With My Honest Face charting pretty much every ad sponsor and TV endorsement that headed the bands’ way, the album allowed the Dublin boys to achieve a heroic position in the charts, and an even more commendable fanbase as them and their music, explode. Shifting from the likes of classics, Radicals from the early 2010s, they’ve brought an adapted, fresh new sound to the world of rock.

6 responses to “Release Radar: NEW MUSIC FRIDAY”

    • Yeah absolutely. I love them even more for just cracking on with it for the love of music. It makes Grohl one of the most loved musicians for me. No strings attached, no deep meaningful connotations added, it’s just music. And damn funky music at that.

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  1. Lots of music to unpack here. Love Nothing But Thieves, and I’ve listened to quite a bit of the new Inhaler album after another blogger gave it a bit of a thrashing, essentially calling it predictable formula rock riding on the coattails of a famous father. No matter, as I like it. And I was completely unaware of the new Foo Fighters’ release “Dee Gees/Hail Satin”. What a great tribute to the Bee Gees, and kudos to Dave Grohl and company for pulling this off.

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    • hahah fantastic work isn’t it? Marvellous rock scene we are seeing from all walks of the world. Nothing more to say about Foos and Nothing But Thieves are soon becoming one of my favourite alt rock bands and certainly ones to watch moving forward.

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