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Well, I don’t think this is necessarily my own guilty pleasure. This may very well be a guilty pleasure everyone shares. My guilty pleasure is pop music. Cheesy, catchy and damn-eternal-sunshine-pop. Happiness comes in many forms for me. Rock music gives me an unwarranted thrill and chaos that no other genres provides. Jazz makes me relaxed and complacent, and intrigues my musical mind into how it is composed. Metal is a mind of its own and does whatever it wants to do to its listeners. But, pop … pop gives me a feeling of happiness that is unparalleled with the rest. Worthy for a good sing-a-long or the fastest way for a cheer-up, bright pop music brings unbridled joy. Despite the connotations that pop has from those certain listeners, you can’t not enjoy pop for what it’s worth. Whether it’s the comprised electronic pop, bubblegum pop, indie-pop, or just the downright “I shouldn’t really be listening to this” pop, we have all our favourites – what’s yours?

13 responses to “My guilty pleasure.”

  1. Me too! I absolutely love pop! I thought I was more of an alternative girl, but I’m really enjoying old dance music from the 90’s, and more recently, K-pop 🥰

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    • Ah fantastic haha – yeah it’s marvellous! I try to avoid K-Pop for what it is, buuut it’s so damn catchy! Can’t avoid it, or pop for that matter. It’s funny when you surprise yourself with the music you end up liking!

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  2. While my favorite genre of music is usually alternative rock, I’m also an unabashed lover of pop, especially dream pop. You just can’t beat the joyous exuberance of songs like Dayglow’s “Can I Call You Tonight?” or Wallows’ “Are You Bored Yet?”.

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    • Oh wow, no I’m the same, always an avid lover of alternative rock, but you can’t avoid the majesty of pop! Haha fantastic! Loving the fact that you’re a fan of Wallows aswell; can’t beat the dream-like work of them!

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