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This is why there is a problem.

This is the problem. The lack of music blogs compared to that of the thought-provoking blog or poetry blog is disconcerting. It provides a real problem connecting an audience – especially when it is that of an artist your audience can’t really relate to. Thoughts?

By manvmusic

In one of the most controversial, ever-changing and unpredictable industries, join my rants and ravings as I dissect the music industry word by word through technology, current events, industry stories and problems.

10 replies on “This is why there is a problem.”

Yes it also seems there is a bigger sharing community within poetry and thoughts-abound bloggers, too, would you say? Not so much as the “actionable” type? I don’t know, just sharing some thoughts here.

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I should also add that many poetry blog posts receive scores or even hundreds of likes, far more than most music blogs. One reason is that it takes an investment in time to read a post about music, then listen to one or more songs, which is something not many are willing to commit to, sadly. I’m pretty certain that a good percentage of fellow bloggers who read my posts do not bother to click on the music links.


I’ve found some good music blogs, but they are usually about only one decade of music or only one genre. I think I follow a metal blog and then a 70’s music one. I don’t usually enjoy poetry blogs.

He was biscuits
But I was not

x-D I didn’t come up with that.

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Ah, yeah I see. That’s fair enough, they’re perhaps sticking to what they know. I’ve always found them to be not as ‘sociable’ as some other blogging communities. Barring the favourite few of course that do exactly that! Thanks for your words on this, it’s always nice to gain a bit of insight into the music blogging community on here 🙂

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I wonder if it is a matter of platform. Maybe the people interested in posting about music are on Instagram or something? Pity though because I hate Instagram personally. I think there is something to be said for a traditional blog platform. I do think poetry is probably over-represented on WordPress blogs vs. the general population (although maybe I’m wrong and there are way more poetry lovers in the offline world than I thought…) and music is probably under-represented on WordPress vs. the general population.

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Yeah you’re right to a degree with what you’re saying. There is an awful lot of music review posts or sites on Instagram and there is definitely a feeling of it being under-represented on WordPress – wish we had more on a blog platform! Suppose we have to adapt to the problem, find the solution as opposed to adding to the problem, eh? Thanks for your words on this subject though, my friend!


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