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Artist Spotlight: This is Alice Merton.

Pilfering through the roster of bolstering rock from last summer to this years’, one song lurched out from the rest. A real cream of the crop, the plastering bassline-drum combo – not too dissimilar from Manson’s Beautiful People lore – and the angelic trepidation with the vocals drew me in to a pretty stalwart chorus. […]

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Let’s Talk: What’s your most treasured music memory?

Happy weekend, folks. With the first day of Spring finally upon us, I’d thought we’d all take a trip down to memory lane, and discuss our most treasured memories in the world of music. Live or recording – what’s the best memory in music you hold? The one you hold dear – or simply just […]

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Me and My Drumming

I feel like I’ve been incredibly lucky since March 2020 when COVID hit our shores in the UK. Me and my partner have not only managed to remain healthy throughout this period, but also be able to maintain our current jobs. I know there are more people are more worse off than me and my […]