Quote of the Day: What is Music to you?


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“If anything at all, music is the soundtrack of your life. Music are those memories that stay with you within the verses. Simply put, the only truth in it all is the music. You can’t lie with music – it’s all there, laid out for all to see. Music is a unity for us all to embrace.

A hundred people can relate to a song a million different ways – and we can all still sing it and relate to one another. Whether that be one’s living room or in a summers’ field, music joins us together and makes us whole.

Down for a cry? Down for a laugh? Stick some of your faves and go either way with it.”

5 responses to “Quote of the Day: What is Music to you?”

  1. anoceanroars avatar

    Music that thing that speaks for me when I cannot do it for myself.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Oh absolutely! Where words fail, music speaks. Lovely sentiment – it’s never rung more true!

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  2. fourtytwoweb avatar

    it helps me wash the pots… seriously cleaning the kitchen not my fave thing, so put on y’all ready for this and boom kitchen done, like magic 🙂 have a great day! respect

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Pahaha it does wonders especially if you’re sorting your chores! Nice, thank you for stopping by with your pearls of wisdom haha


      1. fourtytwoweb avatar

        best version phatcap 🙂 gotta love the remix 🙂

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