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As we enter into the throws of the third month in 2022, we are beginning to see a delightful trickle of musical delectables before the full onslaught of summer music this year. So, I thought it be good to throw you a couple of lifelines in terms of my best picks for this week..

Our favourite psychedelic-funk psychos of Red Hot Chilli Peppers entice us with more music with a pre-single whipped right off their upcoming studio album in April, Unlimited Love.

Morphing into an emo-rock sound from 2019 was an emphatic career change that has empowered the revolution of angsty punk … but it was never a set change for Coulson Baker. Machine Gun Kelly has released a fairly mix-bag song of Ay! that features the drawl smoke of Lil Wayne along with it. Worth a listen either way for the bop.

We at Man v Music know all about the realist lyricist Dave from his posthumous 2021 album and he’s back with a lick of his own this year after an emphatic year for the British rapper with Starlight.

Revolutionary rustic fiddle littered with blues-y success, Jack White is back with another pre-release tease in the name of Hi-De-Ho, a contemporary improvisation run with an illicit bass line and unsound screeches. This comes after Taking Me Back and Love Is Selfish – all of which are as unique as each other. Waiting for the obligatory polished blue album later on in the year.

Energetic as always, Belmont bring the full thumps and intense fulfilment of punk rock with Country Girl. Such a fun fun fun genre that has a simple formula that works so well. Hopefully, more to come from this year all in time for festival season starting May.

Finally, I can’t talk without Nate Smiths’ funky-flick project The Fearless Flyers. Off the back of Tailwinds in 2020, this lockdown tale has brought another chapter with funky instrumentals to die for. Such a blissful approach to an iconic genre that has so much expressiveness and freedom within it. Worth every second to listen to their works.

2 responses to “Your Weekly Picks: March So Far …”

  1. Those are some good picks. Besides Stereophonics, I want to get my hands on Ghost’s new release, Impera. There must be something in the meatballs there, because it appears as though Swedish bands can all write hooks!

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